CEREDIGION County Council has revealed why the former paddling pool on Aberystwyth’s promenade was fenced off over the bank holiday weekend.

Late last week and throughout the bank holiday weekend, the former paddling pool, was fenced off, with heavy machinery behind the metal guard, leading several to ask what was happening at the once-popular beachside attraction.

The paddling pool was closed in 2016 after storms damaged to wall beneath the pool.

Paddling pool
Work being carried out last Friday (Cambrian News)

It was converted into a sand pit in 2018, with much of the former pool being paved over to provide a seating area in 2021, leaving a smaller sand pit.

The pool will not be returning this summer however.

A spokesperson for Ceredigion County Council explained: “Works are being carried out on the paddling pool in order to prepare this in readiness for the Bank Holiday at the end of this month.

“This involves removing the debris and sand from the pool and the surrounding area, forming additional drainage holes and filling the former pool with a suitable drainage material and play sand.

Paddling pool on the promenade. APJ30719 Pic 5, 3-7-14 Ref Tom, Photo Arvid Parry Jones.
There have been several calls for the paddling pool to be reinstated ever since it was closed in 2016 (Cambrian News)

“In addition, works are being carried out to rectify the old drainage channels surrounding the pool.

“Any fencing removed will be reinstated in order to provide a safe area for families to enjoy with the use of the facility.”