FOOTAGE has been released of child murderer Kyle Bevan talking to police officers hours after two-year-old Lola James suffered ‘catastrophic’ injuries at her Pembrokeshire home.

31-year-old Kyle Bevan, who moved to Aberystwyth following the death of Lola James, was found guilty of her murder by a jury at Swansea Crown Court on Tuesday.

Lola’s mother, Sinead James, 30, from Neyland, Pembrokeshire, was found guilty of causing or allowing the toddler's death.

The attack took place on 17 July 2020, with Lola dying from her injuries four days later.

She had suffered a "catastrophic" brain injury, and medical experts noted 101 separate injuries to her body.

Kyle Bevan
Kyle Bevan has been found guilty of murdering 2-year-old Lola James (Facebook)

Bevan, whose address in court was given as Rockland House, Queen’s Road, Aberystwyth, had denied the murder charge, arguing Lola fell down the stairs after the family dog - an American bulldog - pushed her.

The jury took 10 hours to find Bevan guilty of murder and James guilty of causing or allowing her death following a month-long trial.

The 999 call made by Lola's mum, Sinead James

The Crown Prosecution Service has released videos, audio and images from inside the Haverfordwest home, showing the scene when police officers arrived.

A video released by the CPS shows Bevan talking with officers at 11,12am after he had returned from Withybush Hospital in Haverfordwest.

In the video, one officer said: “She probably weighs more than the little one”.

“That’s what I mean,” replied Bevan. “She took it flying, like.”

Bevan then says: “That’s the only thing, I’ll be honest, I feel partially responsible for is the fact I was making a bowl of cereal, do you know what I mean. I was making her…the girls breakfast.”

The images show a messy home with cluttered worktops in the kitchen and Lola’s bedroom with clothes and toys strewn across the floor.

Onesie Lola James
A vomit and blood-stained grey onesie found in the living room (CPS )

The jury were also shown a table in the home covered with empty food wrappers and cigarette butts.

A vomit and blood-stained grey onesie was also found in the corner of the living room.

Investigators later noticed that the bath was spotlessly clean despite the rest of the house being dirty.

The prosecution told the trial it is believed all that was part of Kyle Bevan's attempt to destroy evidence.

Prosecutor Caroline Rees KC told the court: "We say that, rather than face up to what he did to the little girl, Kyle Bevan immediately tried to save himself.

"Rather than immediately call the emergency services, as surely would be natural had this been an accident as he now says, he took time to concoct excuses and lies."

Lola James
Lola's bedroom (CPS )

Lola's dad speaks

Following the verdict, Lola’s biological father, Daniel Thomas, said: “The pain and grief I feel every time I close my eyes and see your perfect little face is unbearable.

“The pain I feel thinking of all the smiles you gave to me and all the smiles I won’t get a chance to give back to you hurts so much.

“Even to say your name shatters my heart to know you can’t hear my voice anymore, the only reason I can stand here today is for hope that you can see me, see that you were loved and that you deserved to live a full, happy, safe life surrounded by the joy that you gave to others.

“I’m so sorry your short life was filled with so much pain. You are so loved Lola and so missed every single day.

“A great team with much passion has worked together for this day since you’ve left us.

“Special thanks to the investigation team for not leaving any question unanswered or stone unturned, and to my family support officers for keeping me focused and guiding me through the darkest hours along with my closest friends and family.

“The outcome here will never stop the hurt you felt or the hurt that lives inside of me, it’s been a long time coming to see justice and I can only pray that these cruel, evil people that hurt you and allowed you to be hurt, suffer pain and torment until they take their last breath.”

Kyle Bevan's mother Alison making a call to 999

Lola's grandmother pays emotional tribute

Nicola James, Lola’s maternal grandmother, added: “We would like to thank the police, local authority and all involved for everything they have done to get us to this point.

"We will be forever grateful for the support we have received from our Family Liaison Officers and the support we have received from Sandy Bears.

“My last memory with Lola is hearing her singing the song ‘Diamonds’ by Rhianna.

"She and her sister had spent time learning the song and making up a little dance to it, so that they could put on a show for us.

Lola James
Lola suffered more than 100 injuries (Family photo)

“She will forever be our diamond up in the sky, we will never ever forget her, and we will continue to keep her memory alive. We write her letters, and we talk to her in the sky at night.

“As a family we will never get over this, the loss that we feel is indescribable. We haven’t begun to process all of this, and don’t know how we ever will.

“Lola we love you, we will always love you, and we will miss you forever.”

Lola James
The state of the kitchen in Lola's home (CPS )

Police welcome verdict

Senior Investigating Officer DCI Gareth Roberts welcomed the verdict, saying: “Our thoughts at this time are with Lola and the family who loved her.

“Lola died on July 21, 2020, as a result of horrendous injuries which were inflicted by Kyle Bevan in what must have been a frenzied and extremely violent attack on a helpless two-year-old child.

“Lola had 101 external injuries to her body and her death was caused by a catastrophic brain injury, likely caused by blunt force trauma – punching or slapping – shaking, or a combination of both.

“Bevan delayed raising the alarm and seeking medical attention for at least an hour after he inflicted the fatal injuries and in the time since he has shown no remorse, emotion or any care for Lola. “Consumed by his own self-preservation, Bevan lied and fabricated an accidental stair fall to try and cover his tracks but, with the help of medical experts, we have been able to prove that his actions were deliberate, abhorrent and evil.

Lola James
A table in the house strewn with food containers and cigarette butts (CPS)

“Lola should have been able to rely on her own mother to keep her safe from harm and physical risk. “However, Sinead James seriously failed in her duty towards her daughter.

“She was, or at least ought to have been, well aware of the risk of violence which Bevan posed to her child but did nothing to protect Lola from the danger which he presented.

“This incident occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sinead James struck up a new relationship with Kyle Bevan in February 2020 and allowed him into her life, moving in with her after only knowing each other for a day – there was then a period of lockdown where Kyle Bevan remained and lived within Sinead James’ household.

“Neither Bevan or James were open to any agency at that time and there was no external professional assessment of their new relationship.

“This investigation commenced after police officers were called to Princess Royal Way in Haverfordwest on Friday, July 17, 2020 to a report of an injured two-year-old child, falsely presented by Bevan as a stair fall.

“Tragically, Lola James had suffered a significant brain injury and died three days later on July 20. Medical experts subsequently noted 101 separate injuries to her body, most of which were determined as abusive inflicted injuries - they were deemed to be non-accidental and not consistent with a stair fall.

“Concerns were raised from the outset and an investigation was commenced that has been complex, exhaustive and emotionally demanding for all professionals due to the clear horrific abuse of a vulnerable child.”

Lola James
Lola's bedroom (CPS)

Calls for changes to child protection

Following the guilty verdict, NSPCC Cymru’s assistant director Tracey Holdsworth said: “This is another tragic case where a young child has died at the hands of those who she depended on.

“Lola deserved a happy and healthy future, but that was cruelly taken away by the horrendous actions of Kyle Bevan and the failure of her mother, Sinead James, to intervene.

“The Child Practice Review into Lola’s death must establish whether more could have been done by agencies to save her, and drive the action required to help prevent such tragic cases in the future.

“Now is the time to make child protection a national priority.

"The Welsh Government has rightly committed to transforming children’s social care and it’s crucial this leads to systemic changes that ensure children like Lola are better protected.

“We can all look out for children’s welfare, and anyone concerned about a child can call the NSPCC free helpline on 0808 800 5000, or email [email protected]. If a child is in immediate danger, please call 999.”