Motorcyclist died after day trip to Aberystwyth

Wednesday 11th May 2022 2:59 pm
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Aberystwyth Justice Centre

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A MOTORCYCLIST died following a collision with a lorry on the A44 near Goginan, whilst travelling home to Shrewsbury, an inquest has heard.

On the 21 July 2021, Joseph Evans, 26, was returning to his home after visiting Aberystwyth with two of his friends on their motorcycles.

During this return journey Mr Evans was involved in a collision with an HGV lorry travelling to the Volac factory in Felinfach.

The inquest, held in Aberystwyth last week, heard that on their return journey, the group approached a set of temporary traffic lights on the A44 west of Goginan.

Owen Keane, one of the friends present with Mr Evans that day had passed his motorcycle test the day before.

“We were travelling along a long straight road, Joe was at the front, there was probably four or five car lengths between us and Joe,” Mr Keane told the inquest.

“Then as we approached the corner Joe went out of my eye sight,” he added.

John Morris, a witness at the scene was on his way home from work when he saw the accident.

“We were at the lights; my friend was on his phone. I saw the lorry come round the corner and as he came level with me, the motorcycle which was coming very quickly, impacted the lorry,” he told the inquest.

“He came round the corner, saw there were cars and tried to slow down to stop what was by that point inevitable.

“That then forced him on to the other side of the road and into the path of the oncoming traffic,” he added.

Mr Morris told the court that he then moved past the lights in his work vehicle to prevent other traffic coming round the corner.

“I was in my work vehicle, so we put our beacons on and went forward to stop any further traffic coming around the corner.”

Following the collision, a fire had started Mr Morris told the hearing.

“I asked the lorry driver to pull forward because there was risk that the trailer could catch fire.”

PC Garry Rees told the court that from evidence, it appeared that Mr Evans had been travelling at a speed inappropriate for the corner.

“The Goginan road side was blocked by temporary road works which had been signposted for 400 yards.

“Upon inspection, there was a strong dark skid mark on the road, 47 meters long.

“For a vehicle to come to a stop across that distance, the vehicle must be travelling at least 45 miles an hour, however, Mr Evans did not reach a stop.”

While it was not possible to determine the speed of the vehicle, Mr Rees told the court: “It would appear the speed was inappropriate for that stretch of road.”

Coroner Mr Peter Brunton concluded inquest, saying: “It would appear a group of young men came along a very picturesque route. There is no certainty of the speed Mr Evans was travelling, however, he was unable to stop, from which I draw the inference that it was high.”

Mr Brunton recorded the verdict as misadventure; offering his profound sympathies to Mr Evans’ friends and family.

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