A Cribyn resident has had a ‘speed camera’ stolen from a ‘crazy’ road where pedestrians have ‘had to jump for their lives’ to avoid speeding drivers.

After years of putting up with the issue, resident Terry Smith decided to take action. He installed a fake speed camera on a piece of his land which overlooked the road.

Mr Smith said: “Several times I’ve taken my life in my hands, drivers have blasted me to get out of the way, neighbours have had to jump for their lives into the hedge.

“I saw a bloke the other day doing 50, and he was on his phone as well. People are crazy on this stretch of road for some reason.

“I was told by one councillor once that ‘someone has to be killed before they will do anything.

“In frustration, I made this speed camera, it’s pretty good too. I went out late one evening, I dug a hole and dropped a concrete figure in the ground.

“I left it a couple of days, then one night I put a metal post in the figure, and the next night I put the camera on.

“It was absolutely amazing, the speed dropped considerably. It had a remarkable effect on traffic, which is good because it gets people in the habit of driving slower through here.”

“I had a knock from the police one night, after the camera was reported to the council. It was found to be legal as it was on my land and didn’t obstruct the road.

But only a few days later, in the middle of the night, the fake camera was stolen.

“The next thing, over Saturday night and Sunday morning, it was stolen. They must have had a pick up truck because they took the whole thing out. The post alone was eight feet, you couldn’t throw that into the back of a car.

“The joke is it’s just a cardboard box.”