A celebration of music from Afghanistan will take place at the Old Hall at St David’s College in Lampeter on Saturday, 2 March.

A captivating evening filled with the enchanting melodies and rhythms of an ancient land has been organised, filled with ballads and songs rarely heard in the West.

Ustad Daud Khan, is an award-winning master musician and one of very few remaining disciples of Afghanistan’s music legend Ustad Mohammad Omar as well as the grand master of Indian music Ustad Amjad Ali Khan.

Rubab is one of the oldest musical instruments originating from Afghanistan. It can be seen in the works of the great 9th century Iranian philosopher and musicologist, Farabi.

The current Rubab makers of Afghanistan are the 10th to 12th generation of Rubab makers in a region, historically referred to as the Grand Khorasan (the land of the rising sun), covering a vast region, from North East of Iran (Khorasan) to Southern regions of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, and North West of Pakistan, surrounding the modern day Afghanistan.

Rubab, Echoes of Eternity, promises to be an enchanting experience with lasting memories, reflecting the true essence of humanity – companionship.

The evening starts at 7.30pm.