Tregaron author and musician Tommy Ellis has released a new children’s book.

Called The Puddle People 2, it picks up eight months on from the end of the first in the series.

In book one, Ethan and his sister Amber discovered strange water people who were draining human fun. This time, though, the stakes are far higher.

Someone has extinguished The Sacred Flame! Without it, life on earth will cease to exist in less than a week as the deepest ice age in history covers the planet.

Who has done this, and what have Ethan and Amber got to do with it?

Follow the kids as they uncover a deadly plot, meet people made entirely from fire, stand up to a stone queen, do battle with the ghost of a ‘70s punk rocker, and attempt to restart the source of all the heat in the universe.

Tommy’s previous releases – The Keepers of the Arkle and The Puddle People – reached number 44 and 21 in the Amazon bestseller charts.

Signed copies of all three books are available from The Riverbank Café in Tregaron.

You can also meet the author there on Friday, 22 September, from 8pm to 10pm, where he will be performing a solo Blues Brothers tribute show.