THE annual November funfair will return to Aberystwyth in three weeks’ time, it has been confirmed.

This year’s fair will however only run for six days, due to rising costs, says Vernon Studt, of Studt Funfairs.

The November fair in Aberystwyth, which can trace its beginnings back to a Royal Charter in 1277 by Edward I, will begin on Monday, 13 November and will run until Saturday, 18 November.

Mr Studt explained: “This year, we will be in Aberystwyth for six days. This is due to the rising cost of everything, but I think six days should be enough for people.

“We are proud of our history with Aberystwyth and my family’s history, which goes back to my great great grandfather 187 years ago.

“We will also be offering the annual tradition of free rides for children with special needs on Thursday, 17 November.”

The annual fair will also return to Cardigan and will be held on Friday, 10 November, with a free event for children with special needs on Thursday, 9 November.

As last year, however, there will be no market during the funfair week in Aberystwyth.