A musical duo have released a video shot around Borth.

Vocalist Christopher Laughton said: “We got real lucky with the weather and were able to use some great dramatic locations around Borth.

“After recording at the local professional studio we managed to complete it all in one day.” The song is a cover of one Christopher heard in ‘Operation Julie’ at Aberystwyth Arts Centre in 2022.

Chris and Emily in action
Chris and Emily in action (Picture supplied)

“‘Love to change the world’ is based on an original by the UK band Ten Years After.

“It was perfect song for that production and I felt could be freshly interpreted into a music video showing some of the fantastic scenery around mid-Wales.”

The song features local singer-songwriter Emily Farr. She said: “I thoroughly enjoyed learning the distinctive guitar pattern and adding my own take on the extra lyrics and tambourine.

“The filming was a great laugh!”

‘Operation Julie’ returns to Aberystwyth in April.

‘Love to change the world’ has had over 3,000 views and can you can see it on our website.