The September exhibitions at Canfas start with ‘meet and greet’ openings on Saturday, 2 September, between 1.30pm and 3.30pm.

Pop in to Canfas in Cardigan to experience Clare Rose’s upcoming new solo exhibition, Forever Diamonds.

It is an exploration of the boundaries of life through portraiture, where vibrant brushstrokes invite viewers into a world of colour, introspection and artistic wonder at the connections, energy and impressions we leave behind over the passage of time.

Canfas staff are also very excited to present Marian Haf’s first show there.

Marian works from her garden studio in her native corner of Ceredigion taking inspiration from her life in rural west Wales.

A fine-art painting graduate and self-taught printmaker, she works predominantly with collagraph and intaglio print.

Following on from her success at Y Lle Celf at this year’s Eisteddfod, the pieces in the exhibition are a reflection of Marian’s memories, experiences and sentimentality connected to the way of life in Ceredigion.

The exhibitions run until Saturday, 30 September.