Dr Adam Perchard’s Bathtime For Britain will play Aberystwyth Arts Centre this Friday, 11 November (7.30pm).

Wash away the last of the pandemic blues with a non-stop parade of big hits, belly laughs, and booming vocals from queer cabaret legend Dr Adam Perchard as the world premiere tour of their fabulous new show heads to Aberystwyth.

Cabaret icon Dr Perchard lost all of their work almost overnight when the pandemic hit.

Broken-hearted, they had to leave their wild, hedonistic London life and move back to their parents’ farmhouse in Jersey.

As a teenager, Adam spent hours singing in their bathroom, dreaming of a life on stage.

Now, that life was gone, and here they were again.

Adam walked back into the bathroom, took a deep breath, and started to sing.

After posting videos of some of these bathtime songs online, Adam quickly became a sensation on the island.

Jersey Arts Centre commissioned a live show and everything snowballed from there.

Adam has been able to step through their bathroom mirror back into the life they dreamed of – one epic pop hit at a time!

This show is described as a wild night on the tiles for party-lovers, pop-enthusiasts, theatre luvvies, comedy connoisseurs and members of the LGBT+ rainbow family.

A hot, foamy mixture of live singing, sassy story-telling, witty re-writes and Liberace-level costumery, this heart-warming extravaganza will leave you screaming for more.

David Bowie, Kate Bush, Queen and Whitney are among the host of stars given a glow-up in Dr Adam Perchard’s life-affirming journey through the imagination.