Looking for a fun singing group where you can pick up some Welsh and mix with a diverse group of people, then the Côr Cymraeg y Canolfan is for you.

One of the co-founders, Fran Jackson said “The benefits of singing are known for improving breathing and posture, stimulating memory and making social bonds.

“This is an easy-going, friendly group, a great place to use your Welsh especially if like many learners, you’re worried about getting it wrong.”

The group sing simple Welsh songs, traditional and contemporary, at the Owain Glyndŵr Centre in Machynlleth once a month for two hours on Saturday mornings, 11am to 1pm.

“We’re open to people dropping in,” said Bethan Morgan, another co-founder. “We’ll be learning seasonal songs and Christmas carols at our session on 16 December.”

The friendly and encouraging leader, Iona Sawtell, said she was impressed by the level of enthusiasm: “Many people feel very sad they don’t know Welsh, but find it too hard to learn and use. I feel the choir goes a long way to help this.”

One singer said she also enjoyed a session led by Welsh musician and historian Owen Shiers singing traditional songs, which gave her a window into Welsh culture and history.

Another said: “You don’t need to find the Welsh learning aspect scary. I found it much easier to deal with in song. And enjoyed trying out my pigeon Welsh in the break.”

Anyone interested in joining can get in touch through [email protected]