People of Aberystwyth, what do you have to say?

That’s what some of the town’s university students who are seeking the voices of the community for their town crier project want to know.

In an innovative endeavour to celebrate the people and places at the heart of Aberystwyth, a group of first-year Drama and Theatre students from Aberystwyth University are embarking on a unique project centred around the historical figure of the town crier.

The project explores the age-old tradition of town criers in an attempt to enliven and open up conversation on the streets of Aberystwyth.

Students will turn into town criers for innovative new project
Students will turn into town criers for innovative new project (Picture supplied)

Red Vintage business owner said: “This is such a fantastic, unique piece by the students. Their cries advertise and support small businesses and others in town. Long may we hear the calls of ‘Oyez, Oyez, Oyez’!”

Students had the opportunity to develop their cries with Gemma Garwood, an Aberystwyth University graduate and the UK’s youngest town crier (Falmouth 2016-17), who said: "During my own time as a town crier it really struck me how much power this kind of street performance still has to gather people together and is a good way to ask people to re-focus their attention on their local surroundings.”

The project invites residents and visitors to participate by sharing their fondest memories, cherished experiences, or aspirations for Aberystwyth, which students will proclaim on the streets.

Whether it's a beloved local landmark, a treasured moment, or a bold dream for the town's future, all contributions are welcome and will be considered.

Marsaille Wells, an international student from California, said: “This project has really broadened my appreciation for Aberystwyth, from its culture and architecture to its people! We've had the chance to engage with small businesses, proclaim our town cries, and amplify our voices to make the community heard. I'm proud to be a part of this project.”

For more information on the project and how to submit your proclamation visit

The cries can be heard between 7 and 9 May on the streets of Aberystwyth and via Instagram and TikTok @abercriers.