Cardigan’s bendigedig label will release Double You, the debut album from harpist Ceredigion’s Catrin Finch and Ireland’s Aoife Ní Bhriain.

The album is the story of two exceptional musicians whose serendipitous meeting has blossomed into a groundbreaking musical partnership and will be released worldwide on Friday, 27 October.

Dublin native Aoife is one of Ireland’s foremost traditional fiddle players and a classical violinist of international stature who commands both the classical world and her Irish traditional heritage

From across the Irish Sea and the west coast of Wales, harpist Catrin has also built an impressive classical career and ventured into uncharted musical territory, most notably through her award-winning international collaborations.

The fiddle and the harp are iconic instruments in their respective cultures. Both Wales and Ireland claim the harp as their national instrument and the fiddle is synonymous with Irish traditional music. Aoife hails from a family steeped in traditional music and Catrin was taught by harpist Elinor Bennett, a scion of the centuries-old Welsh harping tradition.

Both are incredible virtuosos of their respective instruments, who started young and trained hard to achieve the highest world-class standards of their art. Both went through rigorous classical training and grounded their careers in the classical world.

Given her family heritage, it was inevitable that Aoife would also become a master of the Irish tradition; and given her fearless and inquisitive nature, it was equally inevitable that Catrin would seek artistic satisfaction beyond the confines of the classical world.

Double You, Catrin and Aoife’s debut album as a duo, features an exquisite collection of new compositions that draw inspiration from across the genres, taking listeners on a captivating journey on the wings of the bees across the Irish Sea and inspired by the cultures of their home countries.

The album’s title, Double You, alludes to the many similarities that connect Catrin and Aoife, making one the double of the other and creating a deep musical bond between the two.

Double You releases on Friday, 27 October alongside a UK tour, with dates at Tabernacle, Machynlleth on 21 October and Pontio, Bangor on release day.