An exhibition made created from a collection of original prints by Gini Wade continues in Ceredigion.

Women of the Mabinogi is the spring exhibition at Cwtch Cletwr in Tre’r Ddȏl. It opened on 20 March.

This exhibition is one that reminds us of the mystery revealed by the Books of the Mabinogi, the amazing written records of ancient Welsh myths that have come down to us over centuries and have inspired many artists and storytellers.

Women of the Mabinogi contains exciting lithographic prints by Gini, and they feature the lives of two of the female heroines of the Mabinogi, Rhiannon and Blodeuwedd.

Explaining more about the exhibition, Gini said “The Mabinogi are a weird and fascinating collection of ancient Welsh tales that are a window into the pre-Christian Celtic world.

“My images reflect a fascination with the power that ancient myths still have to shape our modern imagination.

“Transformations and interactions between the human, animal and Otherworld are all elements in the magical stories from the Mabinogi, told to make sense of the mystery of existence.”

Blodeuwedd’s Punishment depicts Blodeuwedd as an owl, created from flowers. This transformation was her punishment for infidelity with Gronw.

Subsequently, Gronw was killed when the spear thrown by Lleu Llaw Gyffes, Blodeuwedd’s husband, struck him through the hole in the stone that he was using as a shield. Gronw’s Stone is a dramatic image of what is believed to be the stone, still standing near the village of Trawsfynydd in Gwynedd.

Gini worked as an illustrator and children’s book author for many years, before studying lithography at Aberystwyth.

She is based in mid Wales where she has set up her own lithography studio. As well as printmaking, her practice includes ceramic sculptures, paintings and animations.

She has taught printmaking in Aberystwyth, China, Hong Kong and Guatemala, and was the lithography tutor at the Sidney Nolan Trust, Herefordshire, from 2010 to 2017.

She is a director of Aberystwyth Printmakers and writes articles on printmaking.

Women of the Mabinogi continues at Cletwr until 27 May.