Gwynedd Council could set up three exclusion zones to keep drunks and troublemakers away.

Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) could be set up in Criccieth, Caernarfon and Pwllheli in a bid to stop trouble in the towns.

If passed the PSPO’s would keep troublemakers away from high streets, seafronts and town squares.

Turning towns into PSPO’s gives police more power to deal with people causing problems. The move is being made following a rise in bad behaviour in the three Gwynedd towns.

A consultation is now underway with the council and the police asking people to take part.

The area the zone would cover in Criccieth
The area the zone would cover in Criccieth (Gwynedd Council)

NWP Gwynedd South has shared a link to the consultation for the towns in their patch on their Facebook page.

“The PSPO (Public Space Protection Order) consultation period for Pwllheli and Cricieth is now active and there is a survey on the below link that must be completed by the Sunday 7 April 2024,” an NWP Gwynedd spokesperson said.

“PSPOs are one of the powers introduced by the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. It grants the authorities the power to impose restrictions and requirements on individuals within designated areas, to address specific nuisance(s) or problem(s) in specific areas with the aim of improving the life of visitors and residents in the area.”

Gwynedd Council said: “The restrictions under consideration have been specifically developed to deal with the types of behaviour that cause the most serious problems within this area, which therefore justifies their inclusion.”

They that the following restrictions are appropriate, namely:

1. A person shall not follow a course of conduct which causes harassment, alarm, nuisance or distress.

2. A person shall not consume alcohol if an Authorised Person asks the person to stop drinking.

3. A person shall not loiter in a state of intoxication through consumption of alcohol or drugs.

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