The oldest part of Aberystwyth’s famous promenade wall has been damaged by the recent ferocious storms.

Rough seas have been battering Aberystwyth since Storm Ciara hit on Sunday, 9 February. The storms have left holes in the North Beach sea wall, underneath the town’s former paddling pool on the prom, which is now a sandpit.

Ceredigion County Council says it’s investigating damage to the sea wall in the wake of Storm Ciara.

Aberystwyth Cllr Ceredig Davies said: “The town’s sea wall has suffered damage during recent storms with three visible sections with missing stonework.

“The section of sea wall that appears to suffer the most is the length from the Pier to what was Swyddfa’r Sir.

“This length is the oldest part of the wall, constructed from relatively small stones compared to the more modern wall, south of the Pier and in front of Victoria Terrace.”

New sea defences are being investigated for Aberystwyth and Cllr Davies said he has asked that particular attention is paid to the old wall.

A three-metre-deep hole also appeared in the car park of Tanybwlch beach in the wake of Storm Ciara (see story on page 3).

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