Plans to convert the roof of a house in Waunfawr to create space for two more flats have been approved by council planners despite objections from neighbours over road safety and parking fears.

The scheme will see two more flats built into the existing roof of 2 Lon Hendre, but neighbours have raised concerns over the impact on parking and ‘overdevelopment’ of the area.

One objector said: “Lon Hendre is a cul-de-sac which makes motor vehicle access problematic, especially for large vehicles such as council refuse trucks.

“Parking is already difficult; and will be worse with two extra flats inserted.”

Another said: “There is insufficient parking for the existing 13 residents and this will only be exacerbated if there were to be any further residents.”

“Maes Hendre is a very busy road for both vehicles and pedestrians and the junction is a dangerous one,” another said.

“To increase traffic to or from Lon Hendre will only increase the chance of an accident.”

Another said they “believed the proposed size of the building would not match anything else in the community and damage the overall aesthetic of the area.”

The scheme was approved subject to conditions by planning officers under delegated powers last week.