A FORMER Ceredigion MP has added his voice to calls for Aberystwyth’s iconic castle to be cleaned up.

Mark Williams, who is also the Regional President of the Royal British Legion, has joined calls to tidy up the appearance of the castle, home to Aberystwyth' iconic war memorial, which celebrates its centenary next month.

The Cambrian News reported last week on the state of the town and that both the castle’s bridges have been cordoned off, with the county council seeking quotes for repair which it says it will ‘consider budget availability once complete’.

The former Liberal Democrat MP for Ceredigion, who will stand again at the next General Election, said: "Our War Memorial is one of the finest Great War Memorials in the country and yet as it rapidly approaches its centenary, it's surrounding areas is untidy and unkempt.

“The public shelters at Castell Cornel are a disgrace with peeling paint, and very unappealing to visitors.

“Meanwhile, access to the memorial is limited with both bridges closed.

“Ceredigion Council has had plenty of time to remedy and repair the bridges before the summer, but also needs to prioritise the walkways, repair steps and the stonework around the lights which are supposed to illuminate the castle.

“The Aberystwyth Branch of the Royal British Legion are to be commended for arranging a short service of remembrance and reflection at the Memorial on September 14th, recognising the significance of the site and its special birthday.

“The area's Town Councillor Mair Benjamin has been raising these matters for some time, as has Cllr Carl Worrall. The area should be treated with the dignity and care it deserves, and I just hope that the County Council can take some remedial action soon.

“Our forebears rightly would have expected more care and diligence. "

Cllr Mair Benjamin has also called for the castle floodlights to be reinstalled and for rubbish in one of the caste's towers to be removed.

She said: "The castle used to be lit up with floodlights in the evening. But that has stopped.

"The walls are also crumbling. We need to protect our castle.

"There is also so much rubbish in one of the castle towers.

"Something needs to be done."

The War Memorial at Castle Point was built at a cost of £10,000, which was said to be £1 for every person living in the Aberystwyth area at the time, much donated by the local YMCA. It was designed by the Italian Mario Rutelli, based in Palermo.

Its inscription in Welsh reads ‘Dros Ryddid, For freedom’.