SCHOOLMATES of a girl in desperate need of a new prosthetic leg have raised hundreds of pounds for her cause.

Brooke Cheatle, a “fun-loving and energetic” eight-year-old Barmouth girl, has been confined to a wheelchair for weeks after her prosthetic leg was deemed “unsafe for use”, according to her mother Rachael Pitcher.

Brooke Cheatle was born with a deformed limb and a missing left hand, and had her left leg amputated when she was four years old due to a condition known as Oromandibular limb hypogenesis syndrome.

Brooke has spent the last few years living an active lifestyle thanks to an array of artificial limbs which allowed her to pursue her passions, which include swimming and bike riding.

After accusing Betsi Cadwaladr of “multiple failures” in supporting Brooke and ensuring she had properly fitted equipment, Racheal is now campaigning for Brooke to have a new private prosthetic.

The project which will cost up to £6,000.

So far a Gofundme page has raised just over £1,000 but Brooke’s school, Ysgol y Traeth in Barmouth, has added an additional £350 to the pot after hosting a special uniform day for the plucky eight-year-old.