On Sunday, 12 February, residents and members of the Llanidloes Sainte-Terrers walking group carried ‘rucksacks stuffed with food’ across miles on their way to Llanidloes as part of the National Food Bank Run.

Food donations were left at Llanidloes’ Hanging Gardens Community Hub following the day, which would then be taken to the town’s food bank, Llani Pantri.

Clare Bound, the chair of trustees of Llani Pantri said: “We are truly overwhelmed and extremely thankful by the sheer amount of donations that people carried in, it is only with the community’s generous help, we can support those within the area who are struggling.

“With rucksacks stuffed full of food donations for the food bank, members of Llanidloes Sainte-Terrers – living in Llanidloes and the neighbouring villages of Old Hall, Y Fan, Llandinam, Trefeglwys, Carno, Caersws and Llangurig – gathered together and dropped off their loads, after walking miles from their homes and starting locations. It was a wonderful day.”

Ms Bound wanted to point out the ‘phenomenal’ role of Paul Jones and Wendy Abel, two core members of the Llanidloes Sainte-Terrers.

“Their energy in mobilising the group was phenomenal,” she said. “They are treasures in our community, bringing people together in small ways to make a positive impact for others.”

The run inspired local groups to take part alongside members of Llanidloes Sainte-Terrers, among them the Llanidloes Explorer Scouts.

Their leader, Lisa Stead, said: “Our Explorer Scouts totally enjoyed taking part in this event today. They had asked family and friends for donations for the food bank which they packed into their rucksacks and carried around their circumnavigation of Gorn Hill.

“Our young people were happy to take part in this community event. And we are delighted to indulge in the community soup, a hearty pitstop and welcome at the Hanging Garden Café at the end.”

Llanidloes Co-op member pioneer Zoe Brandon, whose role sees her supporting community initiatives and bringing people of the community together, called it a ‘perfect example of a community working together’.

Ms Brandon said: “It was incredible to see the piles of non-perishable foodstuffs mounting up alongside the Llani Pantri stand. There were literally trolley loads donated during the day. It’s a perfect example of a community working together.”