On 1 March, the UK press reported that a senior government Treasury advisor, Dr Tim Leunig, advised the government that the UK did not need to produce its own food.

He said: “Singapore is rich without having its own agricultural sector”. He neglected to say that Singapore is a tiny 278.6 square miles, whilst the UK is 93,627.8 sq m.

Of course, Singapore makes its money from its huge financial sector, which, via the City of London, is also the UK’s leading money-earner, generated on a vast amount of paper.

However, within days of the story being reported, UK residents were queuing for food in supermarkets... whilst the only paper being queued for was toilet paper! The government needs to get its priorities right.

One of the reasons why UK food is much less profitable than UK finance is that farmers are being forced to produce the food far too cheaply. What if farm-gate prices were index-linked to public-sector salaries?

Based on the proximity of these events, maybe God is a farmer? Welsh lamb is heaven-sent!

Lyn Jenkins

Clyn-yr-ynys Gwbert Cardigan

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