Aberystwyth members of the Blood Bikes Wales charity, who deliver blood and other healthcare material for the NHS, are frequent travellers to Carmarthen's Glangwili Hospital.

Asked this week what sort of impact the introduction of 20mph speed limits in residential areas across Wales, volunteer Mathew Leeman said: “It’s taking some getting used to, but we will get there.

“Some of the riders have commented that they are spending too much time looking down at the speedometer, rather than the road ahead.

“Our journey times to the likes of Carmarthen from Aberystwyth have hardly been affected. The extra few minutes it takes is not a problem.

“Like all things new, it’s going to take some getting used to, but we totally understand the reasons for its introduction.

“Finally, 30mph down to 20mph this time, when will we see the introduction of the 15mph limit?”