A Mid and West Wales MS has accused the Welsh Government of “failing” women suffering from cancer.

According to a recent report, the number of gynaecological cancer patients starting treatment within the recommended 62-day time frame has worsened since it was prioritised by the Welsh Government last year.

A recent Senedd Committee Inquiry also found that women’s cancer concerns were often “dismissed, downplayed and unheard" as part of a “dangerous bias" against women when it comes to healthcare.

Speaking in the Senedd, Welsh Liberal Democrat Leader Jane Dodds MS said: “I was ashamed and appalled to hear how so many women suffering from gynaecological cancer have had to deal with grave failings in our healthcare service.

“Many of these cancer victims have reportedly had their worries and concerns sidelined by medical professionals who had dismissed serious symptoms that, if spotted earlier, could have resulted in a more positive outcome.

“These biases present a serious threat to the health of thousands of women, we cannot allow these inequalities to take any more lives.

“It is now up to the Welsh Government to ensure that we will have a future where no woman will have to face the agonising experience of Gynaecological cancer alone.”