Students have knitted hats and donated them to the Special Care Baby Unit at Glangwili Hospital.

Youngsters who attend the Make it Happen Tutoring business owned by Rachel Isaac that supports students with dyslexia, decided to take on the project to learn new skills during lessons.

Rachel said: “It all started with a young student who came in one morning and told me he did not feel he was good at anything - most of my students come to me for reading, spelling and writing support.

“A majority have a dyslexia diagnosis.

“On this particular day, the student saw the knitting machine.

“My thought was that if he could learn to use it and make something useful, he would see he was good at something.

“He watched me knit the first hat using a small knitting machine.

“He quickly picked up the skill and the others joined in, during their individual lessons, as they saw the pile of small hats growing.

“I explained that it would make the hats very precious to parents if they were given a letter by a student when the hats were handed over.

“They all rose to the challenge and faced spellings within their letters.”