Letter to the Editor: I wonder if the latest Emergency Alert System farce was in fact a marketing ploy — do I hear the sound of Money, money, money by ABBA, playing in the background? — to upgrade our mobile phones.

My mobile uses 3G and I understand only 4G and 5G phones received the alert – that’s if they were in luck!

As Hardy might have said to Laurel: “Here’s another fine mess you’ve gotten me into, Stanley.”

The Energy Alert System appears as effective and reliable as weather dependent wind and solar farms – not forgetting that Smart Meters currently rely on 2G and 3G mobile signals to function, and mobile operators plan to pull the plug on them.When these signals are turned off, the meters will be no better than the traditional devices they replaced as existing smart meters cannot handle 4G or 5G communication technology.

Dave Haskell, Cardigan

Editor’s note: A 3G phone Dave? With your opposition to wind power, I’m surprised you’re not using smoke signals...