Hopes have been raised in Llanbedr this afternoon following a meeting between bypass campaigners and MS Lee Waters.

Campaigners have not given up on their dream of having a bypass, which was scrapped as part of climate change concerns and the recent roads review.

Campaigners in the village have kept up the pressure, staging a march earlier this year and this morning met with Mr Waters MS.

Mr Waters tweeted: "Very constructive meeting this morning with POBL community group and local representatives of Llanbedr to take forward the recommendations of the Roads Review.We’ll work with Gwynedd on a package of sustainable transport measures, including a scaled-down road option."

The Welsh Government's official Transport Twitter account shared the post, adding: "Positive discussions with community representatives from Llanbedr this morning." Plans for a bypass were given the green light in 2020, but the scheme was scrapped following a decision by the Welsh Government not to build any more roads in Wales as it was ‘not the way forward’ according to Mr Waters, MS.

More news to follow.