A stranded sheep was rescued by a local kayaker from a Ceredigion beach, after the authorities failed to provide assistance.

A sheep was stuck on the beach in Llanrhystud, by the cliffs under Pengarreg Caravan Park, since Saturday, 16 July.

After contacting the RNLI, Coastguard, RSPCA, and Ceredigion County Council, to no avail, the community took it into their own hands to try and rescue the sheep.

On Tuesday, 18 July, Hayley Bradley, Llanrhystud resident and chief executive of local rescue charity, Hector’s Greyhound Rescue, appealed for anybody with a boat to help them reach the stranded sheep.

Later that day, Llanrhystud resident, Richard Jones, rescued the sheep on his kayak.

“The story began with my sister who was leading the march on the rescue of this poor sheep,” Richard explained.

“She decided to take it upon herself to climb around the coastline on her own, over sharp rocks and shear cliffs. So I decided to intervene her lethal rescue mission and to leave work early and head down to the isolated beach on the kayak just to check if she was still alive.

“The trip down to the beach was a little concerning with lighting over the sea but lucky passed us. Once I arrived I found her upside down stuck in between two rocks.

“I didn’t have much hope at that point but she moved her eyes so I gave her water. Suddenly she sprang up and ran away from me.

“So I was chasing this sheep up the beach on my own, but she soon became tired, which didn’t take long as she was dehydrated hungry and had a nasty wound on her back full of maggots. I poured tcp over her wound and gave her more water.

“After some thinking I decided I couldn’t just check up on her and leave, I’ve got to take her with me.

“So I lifted her up onto this little kayak and managed to just about fit my legs in, whilst we almost got taken out by a wave.

“She remained calm most of the way, until about half way where she tried getting up. I thought that’s not a good idea for either of us, and managed to hold her down. My sister organised a local animal rescue to meet us on Pengarreg beach and she was then taken into care.”

Prior to her rescue, Hayley said the sheep had a cut on her eye, a piece of fleece ripped off, and an open wound with maggots on it: “No animal should have to suffer. I think the welfare aspect of it is paramount, it shouldn’t be allowed to end its days in suffering.”

Hayley said Ceredigion County Council stated, on the morning of 19 July, that they were aware of the situation and looking into it, but no further action was taken by them.

“I was told instantly by the coastguard and the RNLI they wouldn’t help. Another lady rang the RSPCA and was told they couldn’t help in this situation. Then I rang the council and they said they were aware of it and they were looking into it, but nothing has happened­.”