Letter to the Editor: May I thank R. Williams of Llanon (Letters, Disappointed by stories on domestic abuse,Cambrian News, 4 January) 4 for proving every point I made in my letter (Exclude ALL men from all women’s spaces, Cambrian News, 14 December).

It came as no surprise.

The sad fact is there is no dialogue or reasoned argument from the trans community in the trans/feminist debate. If anyone disagrees or questions anything, as indeed I tried to do with facts rather than opinion and a legitimate suggestion to protect women and girls, they are instantly labelled transphobic as I was by R. Williams.

Even the Welsh language has been recently criticised for having only binary gendered nouns with calls to make it more inclusive for trans pronouns. These demands are seemingly endless and yet R. Williams still claims no-one is being erased by the use of gender neutral terms.

R. Williams is also wrong to state that there are laws to protect women from predatory men. There are men currently serving prison sentences for serious sexual crimes against women who go on to transition in prison then demand to serve their remaining time in female prisons. The stark truth is that there is, has always been and always will be predatory men who will take advantage of any weak link in our laws to further abuse women.

J K Rowling tweeted ‘dress however you please, call yourself whatever you like, sleep with any consenting adult who’ll have you, live your best life in peace and security but force women out of their jobs for stating sex is real?’ For this she received death and rape threats.

I shall consider myself lucky that I only received a veiled warning to remain in Tywyn and out of Ceredigion as I and other transphobes are not welcome there.

A. Evans, Tywyn