A LLANON resident will once again be adding a little colour to Halloween this year by decorating his house in a bid to help maintain the defibrillators for the village.

Steve Short, who lives on Strad Craig Ddu, has gained a reputation over the past few years for his impressive displays at the front of his home during Halloween and Christmas.

This year, Steve is planning to once again full decorate his house with a spooky projection system and a number of props in the garden.

His displays attract visitors from far and wide and can be seen from the A487 and as far away as Aberaeron.

Steve Short puts on a great display outside his home in Llanon every Halloween and Christmas (Steve Short)

Steve said: “I have been doing this for a few years now, and have gained quite a bit of notoriety for my displays, with people coming from quite a distance and the children of Llanon, especially our estate, waiting in anticipation every year.

“This year I am hoping to put my display on, for a few nights on the trot, with the aim of raising some money towards the Llanon Defibrillator maintenance scheme.

“It’s all weather dependant as my props and lighting don't like the rain and wind too much. But hopefully I can do something on the Saturday 28 October, through to Halloween night itself.

“Halloween treats will be out on the 31st, as well as a collection pot for the fund.

“This year Light'em Up has kindly loaned me some of the lighting equipment, as they have heard about my displays and fund raising and wanted to help out where they could.”

Local county councillor, Keith Henson, welcomed the fundraising efforts, saying: "Fantastic to see residents such as Steve fundraising for the local defibrillators in Llanon by building up his Halloween Light display.

"People going past the house enjoy the opportunity to see such a colourful display, especially during these Autumn evenings.

"By raising funds for the Defibrillator batteries, Steve makes sure that this vital service can work and help save lives if they need to be used. He definitely brightens up our evenings."

Visitors are welcome to come along and check out the display at 69 Strad Craig Ddu with collection pots in the garden for those wishing to make a donation.