The organisers of a New Year’s Eve event have been looking back on its success.

The always popular New Year’s Eve Pyjama Party at the Magic Lantern Cinema in Tywyn sold out with over 100 people gathering together at the venue.

Doors opened at 4pm for the family friendly event where people welcome the New Year in earlier than usual so the kids can still be in bed by 8pm. People can play games, dance and take part in an early countdown to midnight before heading home with the kids feeling like they have had New Year’s Eve, leaving the adults time to have a celebration at midnight at home.

The event kicked off at 4pm with crafts and activities and they were followed by the screening of the new Disney film, Wish. Then, as if by magic, the Magic Lantern beamed live to London to watch the amazing New Year’s Eve fireworks...

Commenting on the evening, Sara Hulls from the Magic Lantern said: “It’s always our most popular event of the year with over 130 people coming to play games with our giant chicken! People made wands and wish baubles, stood on The Magic Lantern stage and sent out their wishes into our ‘night sky’, changing the stars from blue to gold.

“Before everyone settled down to watch Disney’s 100th animated film Wish, Molly Aitken, one of our wonderful helpers at the event, led the entire audience in a sing along to Disney’s most enduring song, When you Wish Upon a Star.

“After the film we went ‘live to London’ to join in with the New Year Celebrations, counted down with the Big Ben Chimes and danced along with the fireworks display.

“It was a fantastic event and everyone was home by a very respectable 8pm!”