An extra £2,800 has been approved by Aberystwyth Town Council for the renovation of the presbytery at its would-be Neuadd Gwenfrewi base after it was discovered that a room set to hold council meetings had no foundation and was built on soil.

Part of the first phase £240,000 renovations of the presbytery section of the former St Winefride’s Church, the area marked on the plans as Meeting Room 1 was found to have “no foundation and was built on soil”.

A new concrete foundation will need to be installed, with an estimated cost of £2,800.21, council meeting minutes show.

The extra expenditure was approved “as savings were being made elsewhere,” the council said.

Elsewhere, at a meeting earlier this month, councillors signed off on plans for the “sanding and staining of the hardwood flooring as originally intended, to include both levels and the stairs; carpet could always be fitted retrospectively if necessary.”

It was also agreed that USB sockets in the presbytery renovation “were unnecessary”.

It was also recommended to “fit at least one socket for the visually impaired in each room and to invite accessibility and inclusivity experts from Ceredigion County Council to assess the needs of the building.”