COUNCIL chiefs say everything is being done to find a permanent solution to a damaged footbridge used by hundreds of children and parents daily.

The footbridge that crosses the railway line near Plascrug School and Aberystwyth Rugby Club, which has been in place since the 1990s, suffered storm damage three years ago, with a temporary scaffolding walkway installed to keep the bridge open.

One disgruntled parent has been in touch with the Cambrian News to report a hole that has now appeared in the bridge.

The parent said: “Plascrug foot bridge was damaged by a storm over three years ago, but the council have failed to make the necessary repairs.

“Instead residents and school commuters are forced to use the temporary scaffolding walkway to get bikes, prams and wheelchairs across the space.

“This is completely untenable given the breadth of the space temporary bridge and it also forces those walking from Llanbadarn and Penparcau routes to walk around Camau Bach to cross the bridge.

Plascrug footbridge
Paths leading to the bridge have been closed for three years (Supplied)

“These concerns have been raised by the council who are speculating about moving the bridge to an alternate place, all the while, unprepared to make the necessary repairs and do the necessary upkeep of the space.

“Now, there is an actual hole in the bridge and one can only assume that the council are waiting for someone to fall through the bridge before they will undertake the necessary repairs.

“It would be good to get some attention to the matter to put pressure on the Council to do their job.”

Responding to the complaint, a spokesperson for Ceredigion County Council said: “Plascrug footbridge is regularly inspected in accordance with council policy, and any defects that are noted by an inspector are then prioritised and assigned for maintenance/repair based on the severity of the defect found and the subsequent risk to the public.

“The council advises any member of the public to report such matters directly to it so that the expedient remedy can be actioned.

“With the assistance of grant funding from the Welsh Government, work has been ongoing by Council officers since April 2021 to investigate the options available to either improve the current bridge or provide a replacement bridge at the same or alternative location. “Unfortunately, it is not possible to undertake a simple/straightforward replacement of the damaged ramp within the land available, as it would not be considered compliant following changes to design standards, and therefore the temporary ramp will remain in place until a fully funded scheme to replace, improve or relocate the existing bridge is finalised and constructed.

“The council apologises for the minor inconvenience caused by the requirement for slightly longer access route, and that everything is being done in the meantime to provide a permanent solution.”