A raised pavement in Tywyn is causing concern following complaints that some people have fallen over it and injured themselves.

The pavement is by Barclays cash machine, and issues with it have been discussed by Tywyn Town Council, who have raised the issue with Gwynedd Council.

Tywyn Town Council clerk, Chris Wood, said: “I think what’s happened is that people are taking money, turning around whilst putting it in their wallet or purse and are missing the step. Barclays lease the building, so we’ve contacted the building’s owners, but it’s unclear what’s the best way forward. Until the conversation is properly going it’s hard to say what the best solution will be.”

Tywyn Town Council met with Gwynedd councillor John Pughe to discussed the issue.

“This matter was raised under item 10 on our agenda which is the opportunity for Tywyn town councillors to ask questions and request assistance from Gwynedd councillors regarding matters within the remit of Gwynedd Council,” said the clerk.

“It is unclear as to who is responsible for the safety of the public in this area, but Cllr John Pughe, Gwynedd councillor for Morfa Ward, Tywyn, said he would make some enquiries.”

Cllr Pughe said: “Over the few years it’s been there [the raised pavement], there have been one or two falls. Nothing drastic, but it only takes one person who is elderly where it could do a lot more damage than it could to someone younger. We discussed one or two solutions in the meeting. One is the installation of a handrail, either on the pavement or the steps. But if the railing goes down the steps, it will require the owner’s permission.”