A petition has been launched against a Ceredigion County Council plan for a slew of changes that will bring fresh parking restrictions on Aberystwyth promenade which could see scores of parking spaces lost.

Ceredigion County Council launched a pre-consultation phase earlier this year for changes to restrictions in and around the promenade that will see new waiting times introduced in some areas, with double yellow lines replacing parking spaces along a vast stretch of the promenade from the Old College to South Beach.

The proposals, which are separate from controversial plans outlined in the budget to begin charging for parking on the promenade, suggest that up to 60 current parking spaces will be lost, while more will be affected by additional restrictive waiting times.

The plans will create space for a two way system around the castle end of the promenade, plans suggest.

The full plans were made public last month, with the council setting out the changes in an official order with the full list of changes outlined on the council’s website.

A petition against the changes was launched by resident David Day, already attracting more than 600 signatures.

He said: “I am a resident of Aberystwyth, deeply concerned about the recent proposal put forth by our local council.

“This proposal directly threatens the livelihoods of local businesses, which form the backbone of our community. Our town thrives on these businesses; they not only provide us with essential goods and services but also contribute significantly to Aberystwyth Town.   “The proposed changes by our council could potentially disrupt this delicate ecosystem, leading to job losses and reduced economic activity. We cannot stand idly as this threat looms over us.”

In its response to the pre-consultation phase, Aberystwyth Town Council said that “parking is consistently one of the most important issues to local residents, commuters, visitors and businesses” and that “no alternative solution is offered to this proposed loss of unrestricted/all-day parking.”

“Commuters are a large proportion of Aberystwyth’s working economy – many people who work in Aberystwyth live in surrounding towns/villages with no/insufficient public transport and must therefore drive, and park, in town,” the council said.

“Parking along the South promenade is largely used by local residents – from both South Marine Terrace and narrow, nearby streets.

“This loss of parking will only compound this problem, pushing the pressures onto new areas.”

Representations on the changes can be made until 24 April.