Aberystwyth and Barcelona have teamed up to host a pop-up photography exhibition on independence.

Framing Future Wales will be on display at Aberystwyth Bandstand, from this Thursday, 13 April, until Saturday, 15 April.

It is the first in a series to explore how people’s life experiences impact on their attitudes to Independence. With data collation complete in Catalonia, the research team is now calling on photography clubs and classes across Wales and Scotland to take part in this tri-country, non-partisan attitudinal study, which could see their photographs exhibited in Barcelona.

Project leaders Dr Anwen Elias and Dr Elin Royles from the Centre for Welsh Politics and Society at Aberystwyth University are working with colleagues from Catalonia and Scotland to curate the work of project participants.

This will shed light on how people think and feel about the constitutional futures of Catalonia, Scotland and Wales. Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council as part of its WISERD programme (Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research and Data), this project marks a fundamental shift in the way Independence is studied, using photography as a basis to understand people’s thoughts and feelings.

To date, the bulk of research has focused solely on survey responses and demographics, such as age, gender, social class and income.

The project’s innovative approach should add much needed colour and shade to what is currently known about people’s views in relation to Independence. This research aims to support more nuanced discussion, particularly in Catalonia and Scotland where debate is polarised among political parties and the media.

The public can view the photography exhibition at Aberystwyth Bandstand between 10am and 5pm. Family activities will be on offer.