Plans to introduce electric vehicle (EV) charging at McDonald’s in Aberystwyth have been approved by council planners despite the objections of nearby residents over the new venture making traffic queues and access harder.

The plans, approved by council planners under delegated powers last week, will see InstaVolt Ltd install a development of two EV charging stations in the car park of the McDonalds, where traffic has been known to back up with residents trying to access their homes on the estates behind the restaurant being left frustrated.

In response to the application, submitted earlier this year, a resident said that McDonalds “should concentrate on getting the access sorted first before having chargers installed - meaning more traffic queues.”

“McDonalds causes enough chaos with traffic backing up nearly every day and residents have trouble getting to their homes,” they said.

Planning documents said the “site has sufficient space for the charging units and the location has been carefully selected to not interfere with day-to-day access, deliveries and movements around the car park.”

“The existing access is suitable for the installation and operation of the chargers, and this will not be changed.”

Three existing parking bays will now become charging bays.