Works to improve ultrafast broadband connectivity by siting storage containers in Cardigan have been given the go-ahead by county planners.

British Telecom PLC sought permission for a secure storage compound at the yard adjoining Cardigan Telephone Exchange, Finch Square.

The compound will include storage containers that will house equipment and materials in support of the local telecoms infrastructure network, such as excavations tools, ducting, fibre cable and manhole covers, along with a 1.8m high perimeter fence.

The works were partly started in July.

Agent CBRE, in a supporting statement, said: “The Government has set a target to connect a minimum of 85 per cent of premises to gigabit-capable coverage by 2025. This is a huge infrastructure upgrade for the UK and one that will generate considerable benefits to both the economy and society.

“The Centre for Economics and Business Research has estimated that it will boost productivity by at least £59bn and enable a million more people to enter the workforce by 2025, including working-age carers, older workers and parents of dependent children.

“In addition, the research shows that more people will choose to move out of high-density urban areas; more people will choose to work from home and there will be larger reductions in commuting related carbon emissions.

“Openreach has said it will build ultrafast full fibre to 20 million homes and businesses under our own programme, including 3.2 million in rural areas.”

It said the network development required new or enlarged depot sites.

“These units are vital for the secure storage of the equipment required by our engineers. Having a regional network of containers/sites is the least disruptive, most efficient and environmentally sensitive way to support the required rate of rollout – as it minimises the travel required whilst maximising the time available to build the new network.”

It added: “The use of storage container allows the client to move and flex at relatively short notice and low cost to suit areas which require the teams.

“The containers can be moved and effectively recycled to avoid traditional construction and potential for empty buildings in the near future. The solution is both sustainable and effective in meeting the needs of the rollout.”

The application has been conditionally approved by Ceredigion planners.