Plans to build an extra two houses on a development at the site of a former Aberystwyth school which attracted objections from those living there have been withdrawn.

Developers had applied to build an extra two three-storey town houses on a plot on the Bryn Ardwyn development, built on the site of the town’s former Penweddig school.

Developers said that the extra two homes would be built on a vacant plot that is “a wonderful setting” for the houses.

One person living on the development objected “due to the area being too small and the two properties being very close to our property.”

“The noise and disruption from the construction will be unbearable,” they said.

“In my opinion the lovely woodland would be better suited as a lovely park for all residents of Llys Ardwyn and Bryn Ardwyn to enjoy.

“This is already a quiet area full of beautiful wildlife and the noise of the birds first thing is what makes the mornings wonderful.

“Building two properties will drive that away and destroy the only wildlife we have here that we appreciate.”

Developers originally wanted more houses on the vacant plot, but instead submitted the new scheme, which has now been withdrawn.