Plans will help tackle ‘desperate’ housing need

By Alexandra Bánfi   |   Reporter   |
Thursday 7th April 2022 5:40 am
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the former Travis Perkins site, on Heol y Ddôl (LDRS )

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MACHYNLLETH Town Council are “strongly” supportive of a housing association’s plans to develop the former Travis Perkins site, to combat the community’s “desperate need for housing”.

During a meeting on 28 March 2022, Machynlleth town councillors discussed Barcud Housing Association’s plans to develop the former Travis Perkins site, on Heol y Ddôl, and create 20 new homes; four dwellings and 16 flats as well as a bike and bin store.

Councillors commented that they were “strongly” supportive of the plans, but needed answers on certain matters.

“What’s happened is the housing association Barcud now own the site, which seems good because presumably they are in touch with what sort of housing is needed,” Cllr Ann MacGarry said.

“The plans look fine. The heritage officer has objected to the fact that they’re going to have brick walls facing the road. They’re retaining some of the original stuff.

“I think it’s great, it looks really good, it’s less cramped, and it looks like a nice design.

“The one thing was that on the previous planning proposal they said they were going to improve the site like on the road by moving things back a bit. It is quite narrow.

“It’s really not clear whether they are doing that or not. They don’t refer to it. We should ask about that while generally being supportive of the plan.

“The other thing is it would be good if they could put in electric car charging points.”

While Cllr Michael Williams agreed with Cllr MacGarry, he urged councillors not to “delay interminable this application”.

“I’m all for having these clarification, Cllr MacGarry is quite right,” he explained, “but at the same time, I hope weren’t not going to delay interminable the application.

“I think we all realise all these rules and regulations have to be met, but you know how long this was in the system before it had planning permission. And I really want to see the site developed, appropriately of course, but I hope we won’t be putting restrictions that most of the people in Machynlleth wouldn’t see the sense in. The town is short of housing.

“But I do agree with Cllr MacGarry that we want the issues referred to be addressed. But I just hope we won’t be sitting on it, because we need housing.

“There are people waiting for council housing and social housing, we can’t let it carry on.”

Cllr James Honeybill said the need for housing is “the one thing I’m asking about constantly in town”.

Cllr Williams added: “People are in desperate need of housing.”

Cllr MacGarry concluded: “I propose we word our response by saying we strongly support the proposal, but we are asking the question about what they are doing about the road line, whether they are moving it back or not.”

Cllr MacGarry suggested they also ask about electric charging points as this “won’t delay” the application.

Councillors agreed unanimously on Cllr MacGarry’s proposal.

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