Police have issued advice to prevent rural crime following a spate of burglaries.

North Wales Police Gwynedd South said they were patrolling the area following a recent spate of burglaries in Bala and Pwllheli.

A police spokesperson said: "Over the weekend Gwynedd South Officers conducted agricultural patrols in the Bala and Pwllheli areas.

"We can confirm that all vehicles and persons that the officers came in contact with were checked.

"Rural Crimes are on the rise but fortunately there are a number of measures you can do to improve security - many of which are fairly simple and affordable to implement."

The measures include the improvement of locks and doors on buildings, installing security cameras, alarms and lighting and taking extra measures to protect your vehicles by locking them away.

"Quad Bikes, forklifts, trucks, [and] tractors will be a target to thieves due to a high resale value," the spokesperson said.

"If possible add steering and wheel locks. Secure the perimeter. Install high/more robust gates or simply add some thick prickly hedges around the area.

"Add branding or serial numbers to your property.

"The best place to do this is on the bodywork or etched onto the side of the window."