Dwyfor Meirionnydd politicians have come out in support of council staff striking in Gwynedd.

Mabon ap Gwynfor MS and Liz Saville Roberts MP have released a joint statement in support of Gwynedd Council staff members who are part of the Unite union strikes taking place this week.

The politicians said: "We fully support the call for every worker to be paid what is required in order to be able to live their life with respect and dignity.

"Overall, wages in Wales today are at the same level as they were back in 2008, whilst the cost of housing, fuel and food has spiralled out of the reach of many people.

"Unfortunately, the workers' demands cannot be met by any one single authority as there is a national agreement in place, and decisions are made by the National Joint Council for Local Government Services.

"We would therefore call on the Joint Council to ensure that all public sector workers are given a fair wage to allow them and their families to live with dignity.

"We would also urge the Labour Government to properly fund local authorities so that they can pay their staff properly should the Joint Council increase the offer."

Members of the Unite union have been taking part in industrial action since, Monday, 11 September. The strike action is due to end this Sunday, 17 September. Members are striking over wage awards negotiated nationally throughout the UK.