A Mid and West Wales MS has called for the creation of a dedicated Minister for Babies, Children and Young People to help combat child poverty in Wales.

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Jane Dodds MS claimed that Wales current efforts to eradicate child poverty “lacks any form of serious leadership”.

The party have cited child poverty levels in countries with a dedicated Minister for Children, such as Ireland, New Zealand, and Norway, being considerably lower than in Wales.

Ms Dodds said: “It is a sad situation when over a quarter of our children are living in poverty, a statistic that should serve as a stain on this government’s record.

“Our current effort in Wales lacks any form of serious leadership or strategic cohesion, with responsibilities scattered we’re left facing an uphill battle.

“We must learn from countries who are succeeding in the battle against child poverty - such as Ireland, New Zealand, and Norway.

“Each has a dedicated Minister for Children leading their respected child poverty strategy and, crucially, they are all outperforming Wales with far lower rates of poverty.

“Without a dedicated Minister leading efforts to eradicate poverty, we here in Wales will continue to stagger cluelessly in the dark.”