FUNDING for a popular youth club in Porthmadog has been secured until Easter.

Porthmadog Town Council has confirmed the town’s youth club will remain open until Easter.

The club was set up through Gwynedd Council’s pop up youth club scheme, which sets up a travelling youth club in various towns across the county for a brief period of time, roughly around 10 weeks.

After the early ‘success’ of the club - which has attracted over 35 members - Porthmadog Town council made the decision to fund the youth club after the pop up scheme ended. During the scheme, Porthmadog Town Council were required to pay for the venue for the club, but now the town council will fund the entire club. The decision was made unanimously in the town council’s last meeting.

Cllr Llinos Murphy said: “The club has been a major success, with 35 members and more joining every week. We should fund weekly sessions in the club from January 2023 until Easter at least, as it has proven so popular.”

Porthmadog town council’s clerk, Ms Marian Roberts added: “We’re thrilled to bits that it is staying open, this is what everyone wanted. The old club stopped because the old centre wasn’t happy with the structure, where children would just come and go, but this solves that and keeps them more entertained as well as keeps the club open.

“The town used to have a youth club in Glaslyn leisure centre, but it became a place where young people were gathering together and not really doing anything.

“But this new club has a lot of structure and has people organising activities for them to do while they’re there.

“At the start of the term, the staff meet with the club’s members and ask them what kind of things they would like to do, and they then work to make sure that happens.”

The youth club is held in Canolfan Cymdeithasol Porthmadog every Tuesday between 6.30pm and 8pm.