The town council is in a ‘race against time’ to fix the Machynlleth clock before its 150th anniversary celebrations.

Next year marks the historic milestone since the imposing and much-loved 24-metre clock tower on the town’s high street was constructed on 15 July, 1874.

Machynlleth – sometimes known as the ‘town with the clock’ - is synonymous with the unmistakable Victorian timepiece which stands on the intersection of the A487 and the A489.

But it has also been more than two-and-a-half years since the town last heard it chime – much to the dismay of residents.

Town and county councillor Michael Williams said he is routinely asked when it will be repaired after it stopped working in September 2020.

He and fellow town councillor Gareth Jones - who is related to the builders of the clock, Edward and John Edwards – say the council will fight with renewed energy over the next 12 months to get it ticking once again.

Mr Jones said he is asked about the future of the clock more than anything else in his job - and he says it is ‘essential’ it is fixed in time for July after ‘years of neglect’.

In 2021, Machynlleth Town Council received an architect’s report on much-needed repairs to the structure and clock workings estimated to cost around £40,000. But no date has been set for works to be carried out.

Cllr Williams told the Cambrian News: “The townspeople are always asking me when the clock is going to be repaired. It’s an iconic feature of Machynlleth - but it’s been stuck at 9 o’clock for more than two-and-a-half years!

“It’s so important that we, as the town council, get the clock working again. It is the 150th anniversary of the clock in 2024 and it would be absolutely fitting that the clock would be working again to celebrate it.

“The clock was built using the townspeople’s money! They borrowed stone from the surrounding area to help build the base of the clock and their descendants want to see it working again.”

The town council is understood to be seeking grants to fund the repairs. In 2002, following a campaign from residents, £200,000 was spent restoring the badly deteriorated clock to its former glory.

The clock was built by the residents of Machynlleth to celebrate the coming of age of the eldest son of the Fifth Marquess of Londonderry, who lived at Y Plas. Public subscriptions raised enough money to build the clock tower.