Tywyn skatepark will host an ‘opening jam event this Saturday (30 March).

Organisers say everyone is welcome to the event, which starts at 12pm and finishes at 4pm.

There will be music, rider demonstrations, competitions and prizes at the event.

Tywyn’s long-awaited new skatepark opened in November, but this weekend sees the first official event take place there.

The town had hoped the skatepark would open in 2021 as a replacement to the original skatepark which was over 20 years old. But the project faced delays when the company contracted to build the replacement closed down.

Despite the delay of a year, the skatepark opened ‘ahead of schedule’ last November.

Tywyn Town Council Clerk Chris Wood said then: “We’re all absolutely delighted to see the work complete and the skatepark opening soon. We had an issue last year where the contractors for the work went into receivership and we had to make new arrangements. The project was started by the previous clerk back in 2021, and faced delays in the pandemic as well.”

Plans for a replacement were put in place when the over 20 year old original skatepark became too dangerous to be used.

Chris added: “It passed a point where the skatepark was too dangerous, and beyond repair. That’s when fundraising for the new skatepark started.”

The skatepark is not simply replacement of the original. The newly designed skatepark features a variety of new additions allowing any skater to push their abilities.