New research has revealed that the wild swimming capital of the UK is Snowdonia.

Motorhome rental company, Camptoo has revealed the top hotspots across the UK for five of the most popular outdoor pursuits.

The best surfing, rock climbing, hiking, fishing and wild swimming locations have all been pinpointed in the new study, which based selection on the volume of places areas in Britain have for visitors to partake in all the listed activities.

To decide on what activities to examine, the study looked at which had the highest online search volume and picked out five with the highest.

Four of the five singled out in the research (rock climbing, surfing, wild swimming and hiking) were extremely popular in terms of online searches in 2021, while fishing was not far behind.

Cornwall came out on top for surfing, the Peak District for rock climbing, the Lake District for hiking and South West England for fishing.

But it was Snowdonia National Park that came out on top for wild swimming.

The Welsh National Park has seven wonderfully picturesque wild swimming places to enjoy, including the famous heart-shaped lake halfway up Snowdon, Llyn Glaslyn, providing a great romantic getaway for couples. There is also the beautiful Llynnau Mymbyr, twin lakes in the shape of a horseshoe, which is one of the most photographed areas of Snowdonia.

Ed Bassett, Camptoo’s head of Wanderlust, said: “It’s been great fun researching and identifying the UK’s activity hotspots for this piece.

“There weren’t too many surprises when it came to the final five, but it was interesting to see just how many places within each location offer people the opportunity to partake in these activities.

“Take hiking, for example, we knew it would be a National Park that took the number one spot but had no idea that the Lakes would win by such a huge margin.

"Hopefully, this research gives budding adventurers an idea of where to go so they get the best experiences for whichever activity they are looking to get involved in.”