SPEED limits across Wales will change on Sunday - but 30mph road signs in Ceredigion may not be changed for a number of days, the council has warned.

On Sunday, the national default speed limit in Wales will drop from 30mph to 20mph on restricted and street-lit roads.

However, Ceredigion County Council has warned that changing road signs may not be changed for a number of days after the rollout of the new speed limits.

A council spokesperson said: "Highways Staff will be deploying available resources to change signs on the county road network as soon as possible, with the Welsh Government responsible for introducing the changes on the A487 and A44 Trunk Roads.

"Due to the logistics of the task, it is anticipated that changing signage over at all locations across the county road network where the speed limit will have changed will take a number of days to complete, and work will commence on 17 September."

Councillor Keith Henson is the Cabinet Member responsible for Highways, Environmental Services and Carbon Management was full of praise for Sunday's change to speed limits, saying it will reduce traffic, boost business and make communites feel more connected.

Cllr Henson said: “The new 20mph speed limit will be a significant change to motorists.

"However, it’s important to remember that the change will impact positively on cyclists and pedestrians such as children, people with disabilities and older people.

"It will also bring associated health improvements, reduce motorised traffic, carbon emissions and congestion and make communities feel more safe and connected and boost local businesses.

"I would like to thank the Highways team for their hard work in implementing the new signs across the county.”

In preparation for implementing the national changes in Ceredigion, the county Council has made the required Traffic Regulation Order, and once the new 20mph road signs are in place on a road, the new speed limit will be enforceable.