The National Library of Wales will host a play this evening based around a Welsh women’s movement calling for peace and a world without war.

The play, titled ‘Annie Cwrt Mawr’ explores the efforts of a group of women 100 years ago, through the eyes of Annie Jane Hughes-Griffiths.

Performances take place at 7:oo pm on Wednesday 11 October, and Thursday 12 October.

‘Annie Cwrt Mawr,’ a nickname referencing the home Annie lived in - Cwrt Mawr - was one of four women who delivered and presented the petition in person to the people of America in 1924. The petition gained almost 400,000 signatures and was said to be seven miles long.

The women presented the petition in various American cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C where they were welcomed by President Calvin Coolidge.

A spokesperson for the National Library of Wales said: “Annie Cwrt Mawr is a one woman play based on the life of Annie Jane Hughes-Griffiths - an inspiring peace builder who championed the voice of Welsh Women on equality and international affairs. In 1924, she led a delegation from Wales to America with a highly ambitious idea of a 'Warless World'. It's a play about idealism, passion and hope.”

Having first launched on May 23 1923 during the Welsh League of Nations Union conference - held in Aberystwyth University - the peace petition has been stored in the American History Museum in Washington D.C for 100 years.

To celebrate its centenary, the petition was returned to Aberystwyth in April this year. Since then, volunteers have been working to digitise its contents so that people on either side of the pond can read through the 100 year old piece of both Welsh and American history.