Coleg Glynllifon’s forestry and countryside management students learned about the impact of recreation on woodland during a field trip to the Gwydir Forest.

While visiting the forest near Betws y Coed, learners walked up to Llyn Elsi, studied historical features of the woodland, and discussed how recreation has changed the area, which is popular with tourists, hikers and mountain bikers.

The trip was also a great chance for students to get to know each other, with the various forestry courses offered by the college having enjoyed a surge in popularity for this academic year.

Jeff Jones, lecturer in forestry and countryside management at Coleg Glynllifon, said: “We took the whole department to walk up to Llyn Elsi as an ice breaker for students to get to know each other across the different courses.

“While on the walk we discussed how recreation has impacted the woodland around Betws y Coed over the years.

“We looked at historical features such as boundary walls and ruins of cottages within the woodland, showing the land use before planting. We finally looked at drought crack within a stand of silver fir trees so students will be able to identify it if they come across it during their career.”

Coleg Glynllifon is a land-based college with residential facilities, situated on the Glynllifon Estate near Caernarfon.

The Glynllifon farm, including the woodland, extends to 300 hectares and is an ideal environment for countryside management and agricultural studies.