A GROUP of campaigners along the Teifi say a report into the scale of sewage along the river is a mix of ‘relief and disappointment’.

The River Teifi Campaign, work to raise awareness about the severe environmental challenges facing the River Teifi and have today (Friday) expresses a mix of relief and disappointment following a report into breaches along the river from a waste water treatment plant in Cardigan.

Dave Crisp, the founder of the campaign group, said: "I'm pleased that the truth has come out at long last.

“It's unbelievable that such a significant mistake was made, and I'm disgusted that it has taken this long to decide to fix it.

“Nature and the environment have been desecrated as a result. While there is now a plan to rectify the issue at the sewage plant CSO, we cannot overlook the fact that CSOs only contribute three per cent of phosphate pollution. Welsh Water has also admitted that 66 per cent of phosphate pollution in the Teifi comes from sewage works. This too needs urgent attention."

Expressing concern, a campaign group spokesperson questioned the £20,000 pay rise awarded to the chief executive of Welsh Water amidst the ongoing crisis of raw sewage being illegally dumped into the River Teifi.

The spokesperson further commented: "The announcement made by Welsh Water on 12 October regarding the replacement of Cardigan’s Wastewater Treatment Works is a welcome step, but it should have been implemented years ago. We demand accountability for the desecration of our beloved River Teifi. Urgent action is needed to rectify the damage and protect the future of our environment."

The River Teifi Campaign continues to call for transparency, accountability, and immediate action to safeguard the River Teifi and its surrounding ecosystem. The community stands united, urging responsible authorities to take decisive steps towards environmental restoration and preservation.